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Educational Swatch Packet

This is your last chance to receive these Educational Swatch Packets! We are discontinuing the packets. Limited quantities. Don't delay!

Learn about fabrics with these Educational Swatch Packets. They are helpful when buying fabric online because they give you an idea of what different fabric type, weave and feel may be. Great for beginners or for those of you that want to brush up on your fabric knowledge.

We have created four different Educational Swatch Packets -- Silk, Knit, Wool and Cotton

Check out Deby from So Sew Easy's blog post about our kit here!

"I just wanted to tell you how fabulous I think the Educational Swatch Packets are.  If you have a review, I would give it top rating.  This is what I’ve been needing for a while.  I even started making my own booklet.  Your swatch examples are great, the descriptions are right on and you even tell me what to use the fabric for.It is a MUST for anyone that purchases fabric online." - C. Parker, Fabric Mart Customer.


Sewing with Knits Educational Swatch Packet
SKU: UPA1542

This Educational Swatch Packet will give you a taste of what knit fabrics are like. Learn more about their uses and care instructions. Please note: Swatch packet fabrics vary. The one you receive may look different than the photo. 

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