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Corduroy is a woven fabric with cord-like fibers (wales) usually running with the selvedge. These fibers also have a nap to them, so keep that in mind when cutting out your pattern. Corduroy can be found in a variety of weights - lightweight for shirts and medium-heavy weight for pants, jackets, skirts and dresses. The size of the wales (cords) can vary from pinwale (tiny) to wide wale (large) and all sizes in between.

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Eggshell 100% Cotton Pinwale Corduroy - Imported From Italy - 60W
SKU: SZC8862w
Designer | Origin Imported From Italy
Content 100% Cotton
Color(s) Eggshell
Width 60"
Weight Light/Medium; Falls Moderately Away From Body
Stretch No Stretch
Use(s) Pants, Jacket, Dress, Skirt.
Care Machine Wash
Additional Corduroy. Pinwale. Soft, Stiff Hand. Semi-Textured Hand. Opaque.
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