Dupioni & Shantung

Dupioni is a plainweave, crisp fabric with heavy slubbing. The slubbing is formed by thick and thin yarns going on the weft. It has a tight weave and a lustrous surface. It is best for formalwear and home decor.

Shantung is also a crisp fabric, but the slubbing is much lighter. It is sort of a cross between a taffeta and dupioni. It is also best for formalwear and home decor. 

Both varieties are most popular in silk, although you will find in made from polyester as well. 

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DPC3643 Black 100% Polyester Soft Shantung 54W
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  • Our Price: $11.99
CWD9098 Amethyst/Antique Gold/Taupe/Multi 100% Silk Large Abstract Print Shantung - Milly - 45W
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  • Our Price: $12.00
CVA8905 Fuchsia 100% Silk Shantung 56W Only 8 left in stock
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  • Our Price: $39.99
CUH8802 Hot Pink 100% Silk Satin-Faced Shantung 49W Only 2 left in stock
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CVB8146 Hot Pink 100% Silk Satin-Back Shantung 49W
  • 44% off
  • Our Price: $49.99
URD7304r Jungle Green/Blue/White/Multi 100% Polyester Floral Print Shantung - Famous Dress Designer - 56W
  • 67% off
  • Our Price: $4.00
Items: 16 of 6
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