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Dupioni & Shantung

Dupioni is a crisp fabric with fine and uneven threads (slubs). Dupioni fabric also has a lustrious surface ideal for special occasion outfits and home decor projects. Shantung is similar to dupioni, but has less slubbing. Both dupioni and shantung can come in silk and polyester.

Check out our blog for ideas on how to use dupioni and shantung in your sewing projects:

Dupioni Clutch Purse    Home Decor Projects


Ivory/Beige 100% Silk Striped Dupioni 54W
SKU: MED4469
Content 100% Silk
Color(s) Ivory/Beige
Width 54"
Weight Light; Falls Moderately Away from the Body
Stretch No Stretch
Use(s) Structured Dresses, Suiting, Skirts, Blazer, Gown, Etc.
Care Dry Clean.
Additional Silk Dupioni. Thin, Slippery, Crisp Hand. Shiny. Semi-Opaque. Tightly Woven. Small Slubs Throughout. Light Weight. 5.5" Stripe Repeat. Stripes Run Horizontally.
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