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Faille is a weave structure that can be found in a variety of different fabric types. The weave has crosswise ribs and is made with a finer warp yarn and a thicker weft yarn, therefore creating the rib in the fabric. It can be found in both special occasion and casual fabrics. Ottoman is also a fabric type with crosswise ribs. 


Pearly White/Muted Black/Brown Silk/Cotton Rugged Stripe Print Faille Suiting - Boutique Designer - 44W
SKU: BED8608
Designer | Origin Boutique Designer
Content Silk/Cotton
Color(s) Pearly White/Muted Black/Brown
Width 44"
Weight Light/Medium; Falls Moderately Away to the Body
Stretch No Stretch
Use(s) Dress, Skirt, Jacket
Care Dry Clean
Additional Faille Suiting. Crisp, Stiff Hand. Slightly Drapey. Translucent. Horizontal Rugged Stripe Print. 39.5" Vertical X 4" Horizontal Repeat.
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