Julie's Picks Swatch Club

"Whether you're an avid buyer of fabric from Fabric Mart or a newbie who just stumbled upon us, you will want to join our exclusive club! Are you worried about buying fabric online? Do you like to see and feel the fabric before you buy it? If you answered yes to these questions then I have the answer for you...Julie's Picks!"


Julie's Picks - 9 Benefits Of Being A Member

Julie's Picks Membership: $50. Exclusive to the first 500 subscribers.

 Julie's Picks Memberships for the year 2021 have sold out.

Receive approximately 30 fabric swatches every month mailed right to your door! You are able to touch the fabric before buying to know for sure it’s what you want.

Julie offers special prices for fabrics in the mailers. New fabrics at GREAT prices!! Julie's Picks members will also enjoy additional special fabric offerings, coupons, and discounts.

You are getting first pick on fabrics that are not available on the website!

Many of the fabric swatches are coordinated so if you ever have trouble putting together an outfit, this will be your guide.

Julie includes current fashion trends and pattern ideas to help you get inspired. Knowing that everyone has different levels of sewing experience, she includes patterns suggestions from mainstream pattern companies and independent pattern designers.

Receive an exclusive e-mail newsletter with patterns, fashion ideas, and useful sewing tips! Topics change every month. Printed fabrics can be tricky to figure out in the swatch you receive. Julie includes an image of the printed fabrics found in each mailer. We even have special contests periodically that are only open to Julie's Picks Yearly Members!

Julie travels to the New York Garment District to select many of the fabrics you will find in Julie's Picks. Think of her as your personal fabric buyer. Fabric selections include, but are not limited to: beautiful wools, silks, cottons, linens, textured fabrics, couture textiles and prints you won't find anywhere else!

The fabrics selected are chosen to suit many different customers. We understand that some of you live in warm climates all year round and some live in cooler climates. So we try to add a variety of different weights to each mailer. Because we try to meet the needs of the seasons, you will see more wools in our fall/ winter mailers and more lighter fabrics in our spring/ summer mailers. We also understand that some customers can spend more on fabrics than others. So we offer a wide range of fabrics suit everyone’s budget!

Every month Julie will release special fabrics just for Julie's Picks Members. These special fabric offers will be online only & are available for 3 days or until they sell out. The special fabrics are deeply discounted, so don't miss out on the opportunity for these exclusive picks! Join today!

Julie's Picks - Frequently Asked Questions

You can order online at: www.fabricmartfabrics.com or call 1-800-242-3695. We do not provide order forms anymore so please call your order in if you do not have access to the internet. Memberships are limited to the first 500 subscribers, so don't wait! Once spaces are filled, you won't be able to subscribe until registration opens for the next calendar year.

The new fabrics are made live on the 1st of every month. To make it fair for everyone, we send out the mailers ahead of time so that by the 1st of the month everyone should have them and have the same buying opportunity.

It is most likely sold out. All fabrics have limited quantities, so it’s best to get your order in early.

Fabrics are only available for a one month period. They are removed from the website on the first of the next month.

All Julie’s Picks fabrics are listed without a picture of the fabric. You will have to look at your physical swatch sent in your mailer. Since Julie’s Picks is an exclusive club, we do not want people that are not in the club to be ordering the fabrics. We include images of the larger print fabrics in our email newsletter. We also include a digital version of Julie's Picks in the email newsletter. 

Email customerservice@fabricmartfabrics.com or call 1-800-242-3695 and ask for Kari. She will be able to help you.

All mailers leave our building in Pennsylvania, on the same day. Canada customer's mailers will leave our facility no later than the 15th of the month. US customer's mailers will leave our facility no later than the 20th of the month. Please allow at least one week for swatches to arrive, especially if you are on the west coast. Customer in Canada could expect a longer wait. However, the post office occasionally loses mail or there was an error on our end. Email customerservice@fabricmartfabrics.com or call 1-800-242-3695 and ask for Kari. She will be able to help resolve the problem.

Some fabrics I select have too large of a print to allow the customer to see what they are getting in a 3x3” swatch. So I take an overall picture of the fabric to give you a better idea of the print.

Email newsletters are sent out on the first of the month. First, check your spam folder. Email Julie@fabricmartfabrics.com so she can check the status of your emails. Sometimes the emails get “bounced” for one reason or another and we have to fix that. And sometimes we mess up! So let us know if you’re not getting them and we can see if we missed you.

Julie’s Picks memberships run from January-December. The memberships do not run like a magazine subscription. For example, if you subscribe to “x” magazine in June (for a one-year subscription) your subscription will run out the following June. This is not how Julie's Picks works.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-242-3695 or by e-mailing customerservice@fabricmartfabrics.com