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Lining fabrics are exactly what they sound like -- used to line garments to minimize the amount of show-thru on a garment, line a jacket, pants, skirt, dress and more. Lining wool pants could be helpful because wool can be itchy on the skin. Lining fabric can come in polyester, rayon, acetate, etc. Lining can be woven or knit and usually has a shine to it. 


Dark Sand/White 100% Acetate Novelty Weave Lining 57W
SKU: SNB5664
Content 100% Acetate
Color(s) Dark Sand/White
Width 57"
Weight Medium; Falls Away from the Body
Stretch No Stretch
Use(s) Lining For Jackets, Coats.
Care Dry Clean.
Additional Novelty Weave Lining. Slippery, Thin, Crisp Hand. Translucent. Tightly Woven.
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