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Specialty Notions

We carry a selection of sewing supplies that will help you get more professional results. 


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Pearly White Nylon Rope
SKU: SBC8377

Pearly White Nylon Rope 5/32 . Diamond Braid. Perfect for Home Decor, Accesories. 

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Palmer/Pletsch - Perfect Pattern Paper - Two 84" x 48" Sheets
SKU: SU5468

This multipurpose grid-printed tissue paper is the essential design and fit tool for crafters, sewers, and quilters. The sturdy, translucent quality makes it compatible with pattern tissue for alterations and tissue-fitting, and it is strong enough to sew through without tearing. 

SEWING & CRAFTS - Alterations, fitting, designing and enlarging purposes. 
ALTERATIONS: Best to alter tissue sewing patterns with real tissue pattern paper which makes lengthening, shortening, widening or narrowing so much easy!
TISSUE-FIT FASHIONS: Try on tissue pattern paper to check fit of the pattern before you sew!
DESIGNING GARMENTS : The built-in grain lines and bias lines are a real plus while you create your own patterns to sew. Also is very helpful to match plaids and other one direction patterns.
DUPLICATE PATTERNS: Trace over your original pattern to keep it intact and make alternations on this pattern paper
MULTI SIZE PATTERNS: Create multiple patterns by tracing each size on tissue paper.
ENLARGE CRAFT DESIGNS: Take 1/8 or 1/4 scale to full scale.
QUILTING: A must-have for grid work in designing quilts or "tissue-quilting."
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SewKeysE - Ivory Fusible Knit Stay Tape - 1/2" 25 Yard Roll
SKU: SU5663

Extremely Fine Ivory 1/2" Wide Fusible Knit Stay Tape - 25 Yard Roll


Used for narrow hems or very wide hems on knit and/or lightweight fabrics.

Supports side and sleeve seams in fabric that is sheer or needs help to be stable.

Used to stabilize a lowcut neckline such as a tank top neckline before apply ribing or binding.

Used to stabilize a neckline that will have a collar hanging from it.

Used for hems, necklines, side seams & seam sleeves in laces.

These are the tapes that are suggested to use in all of Pamela's Patterns. 

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SewkeysE - Clear Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape - 1" 25 Yard Roll
SKU: SU5666

Extremely Fine Clear 1" Wide Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape

You will receive a 25 Yard Roll

Get a professional finish with this fusible stay tape. Keep hems smooth and even by fusing this tape to the wrong side of the hems. If the seam is curved, clip the tape to help form around the curves. When the tape has cooled from the iron, peel the release paper off and press up the hem. It gives you a perfect 1" hem without measuring. For a narrower hem, just trim the tape to the desired width. Finish off by stitching with a slight zigzag stitch (width of 1.0) and steam or block back in shape. Beautiful ripple free hems!

Meant For Hems, Zippers, Kick Pleats, Neckline, Tiny Pleats, Apply Trims

These are the tapes that are suggested to use in all of Pamela's Patterns. 

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SewkeysE - White Fusible Knit Stay Tape/Interfacing - 1 1/4" 25 Yard Roll
SKU: SU5665

Extremely Fine White 1 1/4" Wide Knit Stay Tape/Interfacing - 25 yard roll  

This tape will form easily around curves. Fuse it to the wrong side of the neckline edge to keep it stable and prevent "gaposis". When you stitch the neck binding on, it gives you not only stability, but an edge to follor for the perfect seam allowance!

Can also be used to stabilize Minky Fleece when using it for quilting. When fused to the backside, along the seamline, it will prevent it from stretching making your quilting project easier to sew. 

Uses: Hems, Necklines, Side Seams & Sleeves, Seams in Laces, Cardigan Fronts and zipper areas. 

These are the tapes that are suggested to use in all of Pamela's Patterns.

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Palmer/Pletsch - PerfectFuse Tailor Ultra - 1 Yd White Poly/Rayon Fusible Weft Interfacing 66W
SKU: SU5472

This weft interfacing has the hand of cashmere with a little gentle give in the crosswise direction making it very pliable and soft. As tailored jacket fabrics have become softer, lighter in weight, and drapier, this NEW PREMIUM QUALITY interfacing with its softer hand makes tailoring these fabrics EASIER.

•  The resin system is unique in the world. You’ll never see it on the right side of the fabric and it won’t be stiff or boardy, making it ideal even on very fine woolens.
•  It’s 66 inches wide, enough to fuse the full front on two jackets in most sizes
•  Crosswise stretch is compatible with stretch wovens.
•  Preshrink if you’re planning to wash the garment. If dry cleaning, preshrinking is not necessary.
•  Fuse for 14-16 seconds in each spot.
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Palmer/Pletsch - PerfectFuse Medium - 1 Yd White Rayon/Poly Fusible Weft Interfacing 60W
SKU: SU5471
PerfectFuse Medium is great for dresses, blouses, and jackets where a little more body is needed.
What you can’t see is what can make the biggest difference in the quality and appearance of garments. It is called interfacing and it is used inside a garment’s edges to make them crisp. Sometimes designers even use a soft luxury fabric for a jacket, then to give it more body, they interface the entire front so it doesn’t look droopy. These hidden ingredients have been manufacturers’ secrets for years.
• Most often used on upper collar and facing of unlined jackets.
• To add body to cotton or other fabrics for machine embroidery.  Preshrink both fabric and interfacing.
• Wider width allows fusing to large pieces without piecing.
• Use on jackets where fabric is too heavy for TailorUltra.
• Washable and dry cleanable. See instructions on back.
• The high rayon content is for softness, so please preshrink.
Our price: $8.95
(from 1 to 8.00)
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Fly Front Jeans Hardware Kit - Closet Case Patterns - Copper Finish
SKU: ULC3280r

This hardware kit includes everything you need to put the finishing touches on your professional looking Closet Case Patterns jeans! 

Kit Includes:

  • 8 high quality metal rivets in copper
  • 2 jean buttons in copper
  • 2 denim needles
  • One 7" navy YKK denim zipper
Our price: $9.00
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