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Palmer/Pletsch - Perfect Pattern Paper - Two 84" x 48" Sheets

This multipurpose grid-printed tissue paper is the essential design and fit tool for crafters, sewers, and quilters. The sturdy, translucent quality makes it compatible with pattern tissue for alterations and tissue-fitting, and it is strong enough to sew through without tearing. 

SEWING & CRAFTS - Alterations, fitting, designing and enlarging purposes. 
ALTERATIONS: Best to alter tissue sewing patterns with real tissue pattern paper which makes lengthening, shortening, widening or narrowing so much easy!
TISSUE-FIT FASHIONS: Try on tissue pattern paper to check fit of the pattern before you sew!
DESIGNING GARMENTS : The built-in grain lines and bias lines are a real plus while you create your own patterns to sew. Also is very helpful to match plaids and other one direction patterns.
DUPLICATE PATTERNS: Trace over your original pattern to keep it intact and make alternations on this pattern paper
MULTI SIZE PATTERNS: Create multiple patterns by tracing each size on tissue paper.
ENLARGE CRAFT DESIGNS: Take 1/8 or 1/4 scale to full scale.
QUILTING: A must-have for grid work in designing quilts or "tissue-quilting."
Palmer/Pletsch - Perfect Pattern Paper - Two 84 x 48 Sheets
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