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G’day Australia!

You’re in luck, mate! Fabric Mart now ships to your wonderful land down under! Find out what the folks up north have known for 35 years … Fabric Mart delivers quality fabrics at crazy low prices with great customer service.  Here’s how you can join the fun:

·         First, register as a new customer: Click here.

·         Next, START SHOPPING!

·         When you’re ready to check out, go to your shopping cart and complete your order.

·         How much is shipping? Well, it does depend on the weight of your order of course. We know it starts at $21.06, but we use both USPS and Fed-Ex for international orders and will ship whichever method ends up being lest expensive in each case. Click here for some pricing estimates:

Take a look at our selection, and see how much you can save when you buy your fabrics from Fabric Mart.