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  • Fiskars 8" Designer Scissors with Micro-Tip Scissors
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    SKU: SJN9791

    Fiskars 8" Designer Scissors with Micro-Tip Scissors

    Fiskars 8" Designer Scissors with Micro-tip Scissors. 

    The 8" Designer Scissors add some excitement to your sewing kit. They will cut a variety of materials including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric. Features their highest-grade, precision- ground, stainless steel blades which stay sharper longer. Designed with an ergonomic handle for unmatched comfort and control. 

    The Micro-Tip Scissors (No. 5) are ideal for cutting tight patterns and intricate details. The Micro-tip blades are made with a high-grade, precision-ground stainless steel and provide superior control and precision. It includes a double-loop handle that accommodates right and light handed use.

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  • Long Pearlized Pins - Dritz
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    SKU: SUN9799

    Long Pearlized Pins - Dritz

    Dritz® 1-1/2″ Multicolored Long Pearlized Pins are for general sewing, crafts and decorative projects. These nickel-plated steel pins feature colorful pearl heads and a long shaft.

    Quantity: 120 PC

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  • SKU: SUN9798

    Schmetz Universal 90/14 Needle Pack

    Schmetz Universal Needles - Size 90/14

    This is a great general purpose needle size. Best for most woven and knit fabrics. 

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  • SKU: SUN9794

    Schmetz Jersey/Ballpoint Needles - Asst. Pack 70/10, 80/12, 90/14

    Schmetz Jersey/Ballpoint Needle Pack

    Asst Sizes Pack - 70/10 (2 needles); 80/12 (2 needles); 90/14 (1 needle)

    For use on knits and some stretch fabrics. The medium ball point does not damage or break knit fabrics.  

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  • SKU: SUN9790

    4-pack Pattern Weights - Dritz

    Save time using the Dritz Pattern Weights. No need to pin when using these weights. Ideal for all fabrics.

    Due to limited stock, we will choose the color you will receive: Blue, Lime Green or Pink.  

    Brand: Dritz

    4 pattern weights come in each pack.

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  • SKU: SJN9786

    Fiskars Lefty Scissors

    Fiskars All-Purpose Left-handed Scissors allow left handed users to experience the same premium-quality cutting tool. It has a high-grade, stainless steel blade with a precision-ground edge that stays sharp longer and cuts all the way to the tip. 

    Features a lightweight design and ergonomic handle. 

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  • SKU: SUN9785

    Sewing Gauge

    Measure and mark hems, pleats, tucks and more with a sewing gauge. It is an essential part of any sewing kit. It is 6" and comes with a sliding marker that stays in place so you can make repeated markings. You can also use the slider to draw circles and scallops. 

    Brand: Dritz or Collins

    Size: 6" long. 

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  • Universal Needle Assorted Pack - Schmetz
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    SKU: SUN9779

    Universal Needle Assorted Pack - Schmetz

    For convenient and comfortable stitching, choose this Universal Machine Needle Pack from Schmetz. These light ballpoint needles are ideal for use on knitted and woven fabrics. Crafted for providing lasting service, these needles do not shred or break when used with metallic or other embroidery threads. 

    • Includes two size 10/70, two 12/80, and one 14/90 needles
    • Made in Germany
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  • White Triangle Tailors Chalk
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    SKU: SUN9777

    White Triangle Tailors Chalk

    Mark your fabric like a true dressmaker or tailor with Clover Triangle Tailor Chalk. 

    Use it to mark construction details and alterations on your sewing projects. Made in Japan.

    Color: White

    Brand: Clover

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  • Fiskars Easy Change Ergo Control Rotary Cutter 45mm
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    SKU: SJN9773

    Fiskars Easy Change Ergo Control Rotary Cutter 45mm

    The Easy Change Ergo Control Rotary Cutter features a unique design that makes it easier than ever to change the blade without sacrificing cutting performance. A magnet built into the blade housing lets you remove the dull blade and quickly add a fresh blade. This also simplifies assembly so you don't have to remember the order of washers and nuts. Other innovations include a slim design that offers right- and left-handed users a clear line of sight, a precision-ground blade with titanium coating for lasting sharpness, a blade guard that retracts when you squeeze the trigger, a thumb lock to lock the blade open for continuous use or closed for safety and a longer, more comfortable ergonomic Softgrip® handle to help reduce hand fatigue.

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  • SKU: SJN9772

    Fiskars Rotary Blade Replacement 45mm - 2 Blades

    45mm Fiskars Titanium Rotary Blades - 2 pack

    Titanium coating on blade ix 3x harder than steel. 

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  • SKU: SU9769

    Pamela's Patterns - Cascade Cardi or Blazer #121

    The Cascade Cardi is the ideal topper for style and comfort. Add it as a layer to amp up the wow factor for a dress, skirt or pant outfit. Make it from a cozy fabric to wear as athleisure. The Cascade Blazer is ultra-feminine and will polish up any outfit from jeans to business casual. It is unlined and features soft tailoring techniques that give you the look, feel, and fit of fully tailored. 

    Subtle shaping and a unique neckline pleat add to the refined silhouette. Image consultant Nancy Nix Rice says it’s a "must have" for your core wardrobe!

    Pamela’s Patterns are designed with the most common fit alterations built right in – high round back, forward shoulder, full bust option, extra hip and tummy room, and a great fit in the neck and shoulder.

    • two front styles - cardi or blazer
    • optional darts
    • 3 sleeve lengths

    Good quality knit fabric including polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton, wool, blends. 
    Cardi - mid weight ponte, double knit, sweater knit, french terry, sweatshirt fleece, novelties. The single layer front "cascades", to show the wrong side of the fabric.
    Blazer - perfect for ponte, but many mid weight knit fabrics (listed above) will work as well.

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  • SKU: SU9505

    SewKeysE - Ivory Fusible Knit Stay Tape - 1/2" 25 Yard Roll

    Extremely Fine Ivory 1/2" Wide Fusible Knit Stay Tape - 25 Yard Roll


    Used for narrow hems or very wide hems on knit and/or lightweight fabrics.

    Supports side and sleeve seams in fabric that is sheer or needs help to be stable. 

    Used to stabilize a lowcut neckline such as a tank top neckline before apply ribing or binding.

    Used to stabilize a neckline that will have a collar hanging from it.

    Used for hems, necklines, side seams & seam sleeves in laces.

    These are the tapes that are suggested to use in all of Pamela's Patterns. 

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  • SKU: SU9508

    SewkeysE - Clear Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape - 1" 25 Yard Roll

    Extremely Fine Clear 1" Wide Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape

    You will receive a 25 Yard Roll

    Get a professional finish with this fusible stay tape. Keep hems smooth and even by fusing this tape to the wrong side of the hems. If the seam is curved, clip the tape to help form around the curves. When the tape has cooled from the iron, peel the release paper off and press up the hem. It gives you a perfect 1" hem without measuring. For a narrower hem, just trim the tape to the desired width. Finish off by stitching with a slight zigzag stitch (width of 1.0) and steam or block back in shape. Beautiful ripple free hems!

    Meant For Hems, Zippers, Kick Pleats, Neckline, Tiny Pleats, Apply Trims

    These are the tapes that are suggested to use in all of Pamela's Patterns. 

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  • SKU: SU9501

    Palmer/Pletsch - PerfectFuse Light - 1 Yd White 100% Poly Fusible Weft Interfacing 60W

    This PerfectFuse interfacing is ideal for underlining and fusing to textured fabrics.
    What you can’t see is what can make the biggest difference in the quality and appearance of garments. It is called interfacing and it is used inside a garment’s edges to make them crisp. Sometimes designers even use a soft luxury fabric for a jacket, then to give it more body, they interface the entire front so it doesn’t look droopy. These hidden ingredients have been manufacturers’ secrets for years.
    • Great for fabrics that need extra body.
    • Crosswise stretch makes it compatible with stretch wovens and lightweight knits.
    • 60” width means you’ll rarely have to piece it to fit larger garment sections.
    • Adheres well to textured surfaces.
    • Adds soft body—great as underlining for woven fabrics.
    • Prevents stretch in buttonholes.
    • Washable and dry cleanable. Does not need to be preshrunk.
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