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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials. See what our customers are saying.

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Miss Crayola C. Tweeted
just ordered something from you guys a few weeks ago. I was super impressed with your customer service! Will be ordering again!

Erin T. Tweeted:
I just got my fabric this week. This is my first online order with a business that the fabric cuts are spot on. Thanks!

Silverhill Creative Tweeted:
Ordered Thursday from Fabricmart. Hadn’t gotten a ship notice, but fabric was in today’s mail! Best place to order fabric by far.

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Nancy D. wrote on Facebook:
I recieved my 10 yd Lg bundle on Good Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are great. For someone on a tight budget you make magic happen for me. And your fabric bundles are NOT so so scrap like many other's use. I always get quality way wow stuff!

Galye S. wrote on Facebook:
I live locally .. let's put it this way ... my car AUTOMATICALLY turns into the Fabric Mart parking lot !!!!!! always...always find a piece or 2 of fabric I MUST HAVE !!

Elaine Marie wrote on Facebook:
Julie's Picks are the best. I would subscribe even if I was on a fabric fast. The newsletter is like a tiny fabric trunk show in your house. Every month there are a couple pieces that I covet and this month was the best ever. Prices are about half of what big boxes charge. Quality is wayyyyy better. Customer service is both efficient and friendly. Can't recommend it enough.

Sharon N. wrote on Facebook:
I love Fabric Mart for fabric purchases. Always great customer service, great shipping and I love the way the website is setup. Highly recommended.

Rebecca W. wrote on Facebook:
I have always gotten great service, and have been very happy with the products. Thanks Fabric Mart!

Stephanie R. wrote on Facebook:
I just wanted to say that I very much appreciate all the effort that goes into your fabric descriptions. For a beginner to sewing, I feel as though I know exactly what I'm buying based off your descriptions and suggestions for use. And every time I've received some fabric, it has been exactly what I expected! Thank you, Fabric Mart people!

Clarinda M. wrote on Facebook:
Love the fast friendly service and of course the prices are awesome. The ability to be able to contact someone with a specific question far surpasses other online fabric shops.

Nikki C. wrote on Facebook:
Great fabric- always even better than it looks on the website!! The only surprises that happen when I open a box from these guys are happy ones!

Yolanda K. wrote on Facebook:
Just placed my first order. Can't wait to see the fabric. The prices are perfect for me.

Myra H. wrote on Facebook: 
Great customer service and very unique prints.

Suzanne M. wrote:
Great customer service! I've ordered numerous times and any time there has been any type of issue (rarely!) the customer service team has been completely on the ball and helpful. Just wanted to say your customers notice!

Nanna N. Wrote on Facebook:
Hey..anyone out there checked out this site? I just love to go thru the fabrics & check out everything in style! I know from my past how it feels to sew something up for my kids or myself & the pride I felt when they put it on or even to see if they liked it. Gonna go on a search for what I like or maybe ya'll could go there & tell me what ya'll might like. It isn't like going to the store itself but it can be funj to 'shop' together from other states!! LOL See ya'

Genie A. wrote on Facebook:
Super service and high quality fabrics

Mary D. wrote:
Excellent fabric, great prices too

Blaire H. wrote on Facebook:
flat rate shipping wow

Eliza D. wrote on Facebook:
I just received my first order and I`m tickled pink! Time to start shaking the couch cushions for loose change. I want to order more! LOL

Rachel W. wrote on Facebook:
this is the place to buy fabrics for all your sewing projects. Quality and the right price!

Kelly L. wrote on Facebook:
Great website with order history. Great customer service. Great prices and quality fabric. Each cut of fabric is labeled with item#, content, care, price and yardage. The labels are wonderful when keeping fabrics in stash. Fabric Mart is one of my favorite stores!

Bertha C. wrote on Facebook:
I keep visiting the your site regularly,this will be my first time ordering from you guys

Deborah C. wrote of Facebook:
I highly recommend Fabric Mart. Great sales!

Tree G. wrote on Facebook:
Best selection, service, quality and prices around!

Patty Torno From Fashion + Fine Art + Furnishings Curve Studios & Garden emailed us: Without Fabric Mart i have no idea where my business would be but i know it not be doing as well as it is! thanks for all you do!

Diane Farley Cook Wrote on Facebook: I would like to say a special thank you to all of the cutters at Fabric Mart!! Everyone does a fantastic job with my orders and I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Those little extras I get from time-to-time may my days! Keep up the awesome work. 

Cheryl Roewer Wrote On Facebook: I just got my first order- fabric is great- better than I thought it would be. It came unbelievably fast. I usually like to feel the fabric, but their descriptions are spot-on. I just put in another order. I will keep shopping here. A great deal and I didn't have to leave my home, which is very important to me. Fabric has become affordable again and I don't have to stand in line in pain, as I am disabled.

Kellie Wrote to Us Via Email: I just needed to take a moment an sing praises to you all at fabric mart! Icontinually come back to buy from you because of great quality, customer service and low prices! Great job! Also, just so you know, I know word of mouth is everything and for this last year I have been praising your people and fabric in my sewing groups! I know it doesn't sound like a lot but wait for it! I have 20,000 fashion designers, sewers and seamstresses in one group and 2500 in a fashion designer/ college designer group....although it may not seem like a million I believe easily a million people end up being reached from word of mouth!!!! So .......your amazing and Thank you!

Yashika Cantrell Wrote On Facebook: It seems that I cannot do another review because I've already done one. However, I have ordered from you all consistently (about 8 times) since April. I am so impressed with the service. I for my box today and it is just beautiful. I especially loved my bundle and the cotton lycras! Delivery is also quick and your customer service is excellent! I love being your customer! 

Jenni McKinney Wrote On Facebook: Fabric Mart rises above and beyond my expectations every time I order. I just received my most recent shipment and I am exceedingly pleased with the quality, price, and colors of the fabrics I purchased. I have a small business and I always use Fabric Mart fabrics for my fashion design inspiration and fabrication. The staff has always been friendly when I have interacted with them online as well. I love supporting this business and would recommend them to any and all who are looking for fabulous fabrics at an affordable price.

Yashika wrote in email: I receive my order today. I have done reviews online previously but I still want to say, you guys do a wonderful job. Seriously. You pack and package the fabric very well (some companies don't). Your prices are great. The quality is excellent. The quick delivery is also a big plus. Thank you for all you do. I have a business that has nothing to do with sewing. I run my business while taking care of my toddler son. There is a lot of stress. When I get a box from Fabric Mart, it really makes my day. Thanks again!

Andrea wrote in email: To whoever might see this email I want to say that I LOVE Fabric Mart! As a seamstress it is such a blessing to have a place to buy "quality" fabric at an affordable price. Fabric selection is very limited in the chain store near my home, so for people like me who do garment construction my daily Fabric Mart emails are one of the highlights of my day. Also, the shipping is affordable and the customer service is awesome. I appreciate you guys!

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