Virtual Sewing Classes & Lectures

Fabric Mart is happy to announce that we are now hosting virtual sewing classes! We know this year has been hard for everyone. We all had goals and dreams as we started the year off and they came to a sudden halt. One of our goals was to host in-person sewing classes periodically near our store in Pennsylvania. After re-grouping and figuring out how we could still support the teachers we planned on having, we decided to offer virtual classes! 

It has turned out to be even better than we thought. It opens up learning to more people. It builds a community of people with a common interest and it supports the teachers that otherwise do not have as many in-person teaching opportunities right now. We are so glad to be able to offer these classes and connect with our customers at the same time!

We use Zoom to host our virtual classes. As we schedule more classes and events we will be trying to keep in mind the different time zones that will be attending as well as weekday versus weekend. If you can't make it to one of our classes, the good news is most of our teachers all us to record the session for paid participants to watch on their own time, or re-watch if they need clarification on something. 

I hope you will join us in one of our upcoming classes!

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